Butte Lab


We have an ongoing project using microfluidics tools for immunological diagnostics.

  • Newborn Screening: We are developing tools to identify newborns with serious, life-threatening immunodeficiencies (such as SCID).
  • Complete blood counting: Our tools will facilitate semi-quantitative counting of blood cells from a drop of blood.
  • We have two publications on this technology:
  • Daniel Garcia; Isaac Ghansah; John LeBlanc; Manish J. Butte. Counting cells with a low-cost integrated microfluidics-waveguide sensor. Biomicrofluidics. March 7, 2012.
  • LeBlanc J; Muller A; Prinz A; Butte MJ. Optical Planar Waveguide for Cell Counting. Applied Physics Letters. Jan 23, 2012.
  • First generation sensor
  • Second generation sensor
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