Butte Lab

Butte Lab

Our lab aims to address fundamental and therapeutic questions in immunology by developing and using tools from soft lithography and advanced microscopy to visualize and manipulate cells. The primary focus is on understanding the molecular controls that balance T cell activation versus tolerance. The ultimate aim of our laboratory is to manipulate T cell signaling pathways to control immunologically-mediated diseases. We are also developing low-cost diagnostic technologies for screening of immune-deficiencies and for autoimmunity.


Technologies our lab uses include:

  • Live-cell microscopy
  • Biological atomic force microscopy (AFM)
  • Single-molecule manipulation
  • Microfluidics & soft lithography
  • Lasers and optics

We welcome PhD students from Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Biophysics, Immunology, Physics, or Applied Physics to come visit the lab.


Aug '13 The lab is awarded an NSF grant for 3 years for mechanobiology

July '13 Andrew's collaborative work with Vahid Serpooshan in Pilar Ruiz-Lozano's lab is accepted for publichation in Biomaterials

June '13 Manish is awarded the Tashia and John Morgridge Faculty Scholar award by the Stanford Child Health Research Institute

5/26/13 Our collaborative paper is published in Acta Biomaterialia developing microneedles for diagnosting food allergies, perfomed with the Stanford BioADD team i

2/19/13 Marc's paper on GPU-accelerated 3D deconvolution was published in Optics Express.

1/7/13 Welcome to PhD rotation students Kenneth Hu (Biophysics) and Nick Bayless (Immunology)

10/9/12 Jianwei's technique for labeling a single molecule on the AFM tip is accepted for publication in Applied Physics Letters

10/1/12 Welcome to our two new PhD rotation students, Adi de la Zerda (MatSci & Eng) and Thomas Keller (Immunology)

5/18/12 Jianwei publishes a string of papers in using AFM to measure cardiomyocytes, in Science Translational Medicine, in PLoS ONE, in Stem Cells and Development, and again in PLoS ONE.

4/24/12 Tim wins a slot on the T32 -- Training Grant in Adult and Pediatric Immunology. Congrats!

3/7/12 Our second paper, on the use of our planar waveguides for counting cells, is published in Biomicrofluidics. Press release here. Manish was interviewed this morning on KGO/ABC news radio!

3/5/12 Welcome Tim Thauland, our newest postdoc, who completed his PhD in the Parker Lab at OHSU.

1/23/12 Our first paper is published on waveguide-diagnostics technology in Applied Physics Letters.

1/16/12 Welcome Dara Strauss-Albee and Sarah Denny, PhD rotation students

12/2011 Manish wins Stanford Immunology Outstanding Faculty Mentor award

8/2011 Congratulations to Dan for finishing his postdoc and starting med school at Columbia Univ.

5/2011 Manish gives LPCH Grand Rouds.

3/2011 Andrew Wang joins lab as postdoctoral fellow

2010-2012 Manish and Brian Feldman win SPARK/C-IDEA grant to develop ultra-low cost diagnotics for Type I diabetes

10/1/10 We received a Bio-X Interdisciplinary Award in a new project collaboratin with Prof. Nicholas Melosh in Materials Engineering

10/1/10 Dan Garcia, PhD joined our lab as a postdoctoral fellow.

9/1/10 Jianwei Liu, PhD joined our lab as a postdoctoral fellow, after a postdoc in the W.E. Moerner lab.

6/7/2010 Our lab was awarded an R21 grant from the NIH/NIAID to develop microfluidic devices for immune diagnostics.

6/3/2010 Congratulations to Marc Bruce for winning a Stanford Graduate Fellowship.

5/12/2010 We received a Professor Partnership award from NVIDIA Inc. for Marc's work in 3D deconvolution.

4/21/2010 Manish received a 2010 Baxter Faculty Scholar award for our work in nanotechnology.

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